Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Denver is FULL of critters. The other night as I was pulling into my apartment complex a bunch of foxes (foxi?) ran out from the bushes and in front of my car, prairie dogs are EVERYWHERE, and it's not unusual to run into a bunny rabbit or two on the walk to your car. It's pretty neat. Like this story and interested in finding out more about the incredible world of the critter? Check this out!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Starbucks Experience

Well, it finally happened. I moved away from Utah. Although I held many jobs whilst in the city of salt, none were more rewarding and character building than starbucks. I met some people there that have forever changed who I am and how I look at life. It was amazing. It made me a less selfish person, and at the same time made me realize that if someone wanted to buy me a bagel and I didn't have any money, that was ok. I also met a lot of people who made me question humanity and wonder why the hell they are allowed to be let into public, but I won't focus on then. Here now is a list (in no particular order) of people at starbucks who made me happy. Molly, Krista, Keith, Jason, Adam, Natalie, Emily, Jenn, Amiee, Josh, Natalia, Kim, Matt, Don, Amanda, Debbie, Jamiee, Sara, Sharayah, Monica, Trevor (I liked the guy, outside of work), Alex, Louie, Peter, The Gal Who Worked at Kings English whose name I can't remember, Jim, Jared, That Couple that had a Million Kids, Creepy Guy (he left us with some stories that we will tell for awhile) I-Phone Guy (same), That Lady who took the Coffee Grinds, Joe, Destri, Adi, That Old Guy that came in at Night and got a to Stay Coffee, Foxy McFox, Kristen, Lauren, The Gal who gave me Free Bagels, Darcy (for the stories), Morgan and his "wife" (name forgotten), Tegan (I think that's how you spell it), and basically anyone else who was nice and name I forgot. Seriously, it was the best job I have ever had and it has helped me grow more than I possibly could have imagined.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Take me out...

On Monday I went to the Rockies tie breaking play off game to see if they would advance into the playoffs. It was the most energetic crowd I have ever seen at a sporting event, and even though I went alone I felt like I had made 30+ thousand new friends by the time I left. Good times.

It's a really beautiful park, Coor's Field. Only problem they have is a rampant mortar launching dinosaur.

This guys name is Banner Jack. He has a banner for every single Rockies players, and then some various heckle themed banners. He also was on an aircraft carrier during World War II. Nice guy, you should talk to him some time.

As the sun begins to fade.

There were so many damn people there.

From way back in left field. Makes you feel pretty small.

The Rockies ended up winning in dramatic fashion. Down two runs going into the bottom of the thirteenth, they managed a rally and a (controversial) slide into home gave the Rockies the win. I immediately became a Rockies fan after this night.